With the rapid introduction of smartphones and application technologies into our lives, UBERIZATION has come to the forefront and spread to several areas with advanced location- based technologies.

Now, the services we need are one click further on our smartphones at the required place and time.

TIRPORT provides “EnYakında” service to Truckers.

Truckers will be in the service area of “Enyakında” which includes service providers of tire services, tow trucks, truck service stations, insurance agents, pharmacies, medical centers, restaurants, parking areas, and motels.

Who are active in Enyakında?

  • Closest Tire Repairman that can provide services when you are stranded on road,
  • Authorized Services that can provide immediate Road Support,
  • Truck Dealers,
  • Sellers of Spare Parts,
  • Closest Fuel Stations,
  • Accommodation Facilities, Restaurants, Shopping Malls on the route,
  • Pharmacies, Clinics, Hospitals etc.,
  • Truck Parks,
  • Temporary Warehouses,
  • and even more.

Reach nearest services instantly!

Through the “TIRPORT Yük Cepte” application, truckers will be able to reach the reliable and qualified Service Providers at the nearest location 24/7.

They can also get directions and navigation services from the application. For instance, if a trucker needs “tire repair”, he will not need to describe his location via phone calls, he will be able to track & trace the real-time location of the “tire repair” -like UBER- while service is reaching to him.

Payment of services can be made with cash, credit card or mobile phone through the TIRPORT Secured Payment Platform (SPP).